Smoke Ready Gorge

posted in: Uncategorized | 0 is a one-stop-shop for Gorge air quality maps, wildfire and emergency alert information, and smoke readiness resources and checklists.

Just like windsurfers, hikers, and bikers look up the weather and wind conditions, tourists, visitors, and residents can use to check the air quality before setting out for the day.

The maps on the website have real-time air quality readings from the many PurpleAir monitors around the Gorge. Air Quality Index (AQI) values range from good (0-50) to hazardous (301+).

Some groups of people are more sensitive to the effects of smoke, including young children, pregnant people, older adults, outdoor workers, houseless people, and individuals with pre-existing conditions of the heart, lungs, and respiratory system.

Click here for the site and for more information: